Senior Care

USC Senior Care is a supplemental plan to Medicare for former employees, their spouses, mutual financial dependents and registered domestic partners. Senior Care is an affordable solution to bridge gaps in coverage, helping with your portion of medical costs after Medicare. (Since Senior Care is a Medicare supplement, it only covers Medicare-approved services.) You must have both Medicare Parts A and B.

Part A – hospital coverage

  • inpatient hospital services
  • skilled nursing facility care
  • home health care and at-home recovery services

Part B – medical services coverage

  • outpatient care
  • physician services
  • laboratory services
  • x-ray
  • ambulance services

Senior Care offers significant advantages over Medicare HMOs:

  • No out-of-pocket expense – no copayments or deductibles – when you use USC physicians and hospitals
  • No authorizations or pre-approvals required
  • No physical exam required for membership
  • Premium is not dependent on age, locality or health condition
  • Choose any doctor in the nation as long as he/she accepts Medicare assignment – you will pay 2% of Medicare Allowable for non-USC providers, and a $200 deductible
  • You can be treated in any Medicare-approved hospital
  • Foreign travel emergency medical coverage is included
  • Dental benefits are also included at no additional cost, and you can continue to see your current dentist as long as he/she is a Delta Dental provider
  • Vision Service Plan is included at no additional cost, and coverage includes eye exams, corrective lenses and eyeglass frames

Prescription drugs are NOT included – you must enroll in Medicare Part D.

For more information on how Senior Care stacks up against other Medicare supplements, see our Senior Care plan comparison.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Medical benefit

$100 allowable Medicare pays Senior care pays Your cost
USC providers $80 $20 $0
Non-USC providers
(after $200 deductible)
$80 $18 $2

When you’re ready to enroll,  contact USC Health Plans at (213) 740-0035.