Verdugo Hills employee

The information on this site that applies specifically to you is linked below, if you are a Verdugo Hills employee who is not represented by a union. (If you are represented by a union at Verdugo, you have your own benefits page: Verdugo Hills CNA or Verdugo Hills SEIU.)

2017 employee biweekly cost for plans (salary reduction—pretax dollars) USC Verdugo Hills PPO medical plan USC Verdugo Hills dental plan USC Verdugo Hills vision plan
Employee $37.59 $4.42 $1.25
Employee + adult $101.15 $9.05 $2.50
Employee + child $101.15 $9.05 $2.50
Employee + children $150.83 $13.54 $5.00
Employee + adult + child(ren) $150.83 $13.54 $5.00




Flexible Spending Accounts


Life insurance

Cancer, accident and short-term disability insurance

Other perks

VHH employees are also entitled to free onsite annual certification renewals, free onsite parking, the VHH rideshare/carpool program, and employee discounts in the VHH cafeteria, gift shop, pharmacy and entertainment activities.