Verdugo Hills CNA

The information on this site that applies specifically to you is linked below, if you are a Verdugo Hills employee represented by CNA.

2017 employee biweekly cost for plans (salary reduction—pretax dollars) USC Verdugo Hills PPO medical plan USC Verdugo Hills dental plan USC Verdugo Hills vision plan
Employee $36.02 $4.42 $1.25
Employee + adult $96.92 $9.05 $2.50
Employee + child $96.92 $9.05 $2.50
Employee + children $144.52 $13.54 $5.00
Employee + adult + child(ren) $144.52 $13.54 $5.00

Note that the hospital offers eligible nurses a voluntary “opt out” of medical insurance benefits in exchange for additional pay of $50 per pay period. Employees opting out of coverage must provide, annually, reasonable evidence of proof of coverage consistent with the Affordable Care Act. No opt out will be paid if VHH knows or has reason to know that the employee or a member of the employee’s family does not have alternate coverage.




Flexible Spending Accounts

Retirement – starting January 1, 2018, when employee contributes, match will be credited each pay period.


Life insurance

Cancer, accident and short-term disability insurance

Other perks