Part-time faculty or staff

faculty1The information on this website that applies specifically to you is linked below, if you are a part-time USC employee:

  • Faculty with 50-99% appointment
  • Staff members working between 50-99% of fulltime hours (which vary depending on department)

If you’re a Verdugo Hills employeehealth community staff, or a union-represented employee, your benefits differ. See the appropriate page (in navigation at left) for details. Note that if you reside outside of California, you may not choose Kaiser as your medical coverage. (If you reside outside California, your state may in some cases offer premium assistance programs.)

If you’re a faculty member with less than 50% appointment, you are not benefits-eligible, but (like other ineligible employees) you can make unmatched contributions to the USC Retirement Savings Program. If you eventually meet the Program’s eligibility period, you will then get a match on your first 5% as well as the non-elective 5% match. Also not eligible for benefits: Employees classified as per diem, resource, Trojan Encore, distinguished practitioners, graduate assistants, or other affiliated academic staff.

See our helpful “when/where do I enroll” chart to help you know how to obtain your USC benefits:
Faculty/staff–enrolling in benefits




Long term care

Cancer care

Accident insurance


Supplemental retirement

Retirement education

Retirement planning

In-service distributions – retirement

529 college savings plan

Time off (for staff, leave accrual is pro-rated based on percent of time worked; faculty do not accrue vacation unless offer letter provides for that)

Other benefits

Other perks