Hospital union employee medical plans

If you’re a hospital union employee working full-time (at least 32 hours per week) or part-time (at least 24 hours per week), you’re eligible for our medical plans.

If you’re represented by CNA at Keck or Norris, or NUHW at Keck, you can choose between the USC Network Medical Plan or the Anthem MyChoice HMO plan, for which there is no employee cost.

NUHW employees who opt out of USC medical coverage (if you already have coverage through a spouse, for example), are eligible for certain benefits:

Option 1 – opt out of all USC benefits

Employee will be reimbursed a flat rate of $2 per budgeted hour per pay period.

Example: 80 hours x $2 = $160 per pay period

Option 2 – opt out of all USC benefits and cashplus

Reimbursement rate per hour is based on hourly rate range.

  • Less than $15/hour – 3.38 reimbursement rate per hour
  • $15-20 – 3.93
  • $20.01-25.00 – 4.48
  • $25.01-30.00 – 5.02
  • $30.01-35.00 – 5.58
  • $35.01+ – 6.13

Anthem MyChoice HMO Evidence of Coverage Summary (CNA and NUHW)
Anthem MyChoice HMO Evidence of Coverage (CNA and NUHW)
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