Anthem Blue Cross (HMO)


You pay a copayment at the time of service ($25 for primary care or specialty visits), then you are covered at 100% of authorized services with no deductibles. For additional details, download the Anthem Blue Cross HMO Evidence of Coverage Summary.

Upon enrollment, participants in this HMO plan select a primary care physician for each covered family member from Anthem Blue Cross HMO’s list of affiliated physicians. You must see your primary care physician for a referral to any other Anthem Blue Cross HMO physician and obtain authorization before seeking care outside the HMO.

To find a provider, visit the Anthem website:

  1. Click FIND A DOCTOR (on the right)
  2. Click Continue under Search as a Guest
  3. Answer the four questions. For the third question, select only Medical as the type of care. The last question is Select a plan/network and you should click Blue Cross HMO (CACare) Large Group from the dropdown menu, then click Continue.
  4. Refine your search by available options and click Search.

Vision care

No coverage for routine eye exams, corrective lenses or frames. Participants may purchase vision coverage through Vision Service Plan.

Prescription drugs

Your copayment is $10 per prescription for generic drugs, $25 per prescription for brand name formulary drugs and 45% of the cost for brand name non-formulary drugs, up to a maximum $100 copay at participating pharmacies. You can find a participating pharmacy near you on the Anthem Blue Cross HMO website or by calling (800) 235-8631.

Annual out-of-pocket medical and prescription maximums

  • $2000 maximum – individual
  • $4000 maximum – two covered members
  • $6000 maximum – three or more covered members

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Anthem Blue Cross HMO Evidence of Coverage
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