Accident insurance

CaptureIn the event of an accident, Aflac will pay you cash benefits to help offset expenses incurred due to an injury, like medical bills not covered by health insurance, everyday household expenditures, or lost wages. Out-of-pocket expenses associated with an accident are always unexpected and often burdensome – this coverage can help. Aflac offers two levels of coverage.

Accident Advantage brochure


Individual Monthly: $21.97 /
Biweekly: $10.99
Named insured/spouse Monthly: $31.20 /
Biweekly: $15.60
One-parent family Monthly: $36.92 /
Biweekly: $18.46
Two-parent family Monthly: $47.84 /
Biweekly: $23.92

Employees may enroll directly with Aflac:

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(888) 496-9574