Finding a provider, no matter where you are

Tier 1

Visit the Keck Medicine of USC site to search for a provider, or visit the Keck appointment booking page. When making an appointment, identify your insurance plan as USC Network Medical Plan.

Tier 2

California and across the U.S.

Visit the Anthem Blue Cross site to search for a participating Tier 2 provider. You can register as a member on the site, or you can search the site as a “guest”:

  1. Enter TRJ under Search as a Member where it asks for alpha prefix
  2. Click on Continue under Search as a Guest
  3. Refine your search by available options and click on Search

You may also call Anthem Blue Cross at (800) 888-8288 for help finding a provider, or see the Tier 2 Provider Search Guide. When making an appointment, verify with the provider’s office that they continue to participate in the Prudent Buyer network (for CA providers) or BlueCard (for providers across the U.S.) – if they no longer participate, benefits will be paid at the Tier 3 provider coverage level (non-contracted).

Outside the United States

Visit the BlueCard Worldwide site:

  1. Read the Site Use Agreement and check the I accept terms box
  2. Enter TRJ as the three ID letters under the Identification Number field and click on Go
  3. Under Select a Provider Type choose what type of provider you want – example: “Hospital/Inpatient” (NOTE: Pharmacy and Dentists are NOT part of the USC Network Medical Plan – do not search for this type of provider)
  4. Enter the Country, City and Range – example: “Bahamas”, “Freeport”, “10 miles”
  5. Click on Search

Your Tier 2 international provider results will be displayed. Remember when making an appointment with a provider, always verify with their office that they continue to participate in the BlueCard Worldwide network.

See more BlueCard Worldwide information.

LiveHealth Online

You can also access a physician without leaving your home. USC Network Medical Plan participants may access LiveHealth Online, where a primary care physician visit can be conducted online via a two-way video consultation. They can answer questions, make a diagnosis and even prescribe basic medication if needed. LiveHealth Online physicians are considered Tier 2 providers so your online consultation will cost you a $25 copay ($15 copay if you are under age 26). These physicians are available year-round, 24/7. This service is only available within the United States. Visit for information on system requirements and supported mobile devices.