USC Retirement Savings Program

Whatever you look forward to doing after retirement, planning ahead will make it more likely that you will have the resources you need to spend your time as you choose. Your university retirement program is an important part of that planning.

Supplemental contributions

The supplemental component of the USC Retirement Savings Program, available to you if you’re full- or part-time faculty or staff or a student with FICA eligible earnings, helps you increase your retirement income by allowing you to invest your own contributions in a retirement account.

USC Hospital 401(k) Retirement Plan

Serving employees at Verdugo Hills and those represented by NUHW.

457(b) plan

USC offers a 457(b) deferred compensation plan to a select group of management and highly compensated faculty and staff as defined by the IRS.

Retirement education

On a regular basis, Retirement Plans Administration sponsors free educational seminars and workshops to help you optimize your retirement planning. In addition, personal consultations are always available.

Planning for retirement

Thinking about retirement? Check out our step-by-step detailed planning advice.

In-service distributions

A frequently asked question is whether you can access retirement funds early. The answer is – sometimes.

Retirement navigators

USC provides access to two dedicated retirement navigators – whose job is literally to help you navigate your retirement!

Senior Care

USC offers its own Medicare supplement for former employees, with many distinct advantages over Medicare supplement HMOs.

Social Security

For most people, Social Security benefits will be part of their retirement income.