Leaving USC checklist

Right away

  • Contact the investment company handling your retirement to discuss options
  • Contact USC Transportation about scheduling termination of your parking permit
  • Consider how your termination date will affect tuition assistance/Tuition Exchange benefits and what your financial responsibility may be for tuition remaining in semester
  • Contact your HR/payroll analyst about turning in university property and to discuss final paycheck details, including which deductions will be taken
  • If you have been laid off, contact Talent Management for help with resumes and other job search assistance.

Within 31 days

  • Decide whether to continue life, AD&D, cancer expense protection, and long term care insurance – contact each vendor individually if you wish to continue coverage

Within 60 days

  • Decide whether to continue health insurance through COBRA or an ACA marketplace plan

By the end of the calendar year in which you terminate

  • Submit flexible spending claims for dependent care (health care accounts end on your termination date unless extended by COBRA)

By April 15 of the year following your termination