Changing your benefits

Open enrollment

Some benefits can be changed at any time. The following, however, can only be changed during open enrollment, or when you have a “life event” status change (see below):

  • Medical, vision and dental plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Legal services plan

Supplemental disability may only be changed (added or cancelled) during open enrollment.

Open enrollment takes place during a designated time period, usually in November. The exact dates vary from year to year, but all information is announced in the yearly Benefits Open Enrollment News. During open enrollment, benefit fairs are held on both the University Park and Health Sciences campuses, with benefits representatives and vendors available to answer your questions about your many options.

The changes you make during open enrollment take effect on January 1.

Life events

When your life changes, sometimes your benefits need to change, too. The following life events or status changes qualify for benefit changes—although the benefit changes must be consistent with the life event. You must notify Benefits within 30 days of the applicable life event.

Click on the life event below for detailed information.

Medical leave

Benefits can also change if circumstances necessitate you taking a medical leave of absence. See our Going on leave information page on the Employee Gateway.